“‘Brings a lot of energy into the room’.”

“‘Able to maintain excellent client/mediator rapport’.”

“‘I have received glowing reviews of your professionalism and how you conducted the session. I think your recommendation of getting [..] and [..] in a room together helped set the tone and moved the parties towards settlement. We certainly would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to other clients’.”

“‘Very personable and was particularly adept at making all parties feel at ease’.”

“‘Managed to make my clients feel like he understood their side of the story whilst successfully as he said ‘poking them with a stick’ and making them consider ideas that previously they hadn’t or that they felt uncomfortable with’.”

“‘Wasted no time in focusing in on key practical issues and difficulties, and in grasping the extent of what could (and could not) realistically be achieved at the mediation. His grasp of this - and the open manner in which he communicated it to the parties’ lawyers – was most effective in keeping the process grounded in reality (without any loss of energy or positivity)’.”

“‘An able mediator and an effective communicator’.”

“‘Very effective on the day in leading both sides to a satisfactory result’.”

“‘Peter comes across as personable and has some gravitas in his style which helps build trust in the mediator’.”

“‘Gave the parties (and their lawyers) room to breathe and think, while at the same time keeping the energy level up: not an easy task, given the dynamics involved’.”

“‘Peter is a very effective mediator, able to encourage parties to focus upon achieving a resolution of their disputes, adopting a thoroughly professional and impartial approach’.”

“‘Peter has achieved a very high success rate with the disputes I have referred. I would recommend Peter and work with him again.’”

“‘Affable and approachable’.”

“'Masterful communication with the parties'.”