Peter practices nationally in a wide range of disputes.

Accredited in 2004, Peter is a senior mediator. His mediation background encompasses a wide range of civil and commercial disputes, including insolvency, construction and engineering, term contracts, general contract, professional negligence, and partnership.   He successfully practiced as a litigation solicitor for over 35 years, being an experienced mediation advocate. He has a particular experience in the fields of insolvency and construction, having frequently been instructed by clients operating in those sectors.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a flexible and confidential process used to settle a dispute between two or more people, businesses or other organisations.


It involves appointing a mediator, who is an independent and impartial third person, to help the parties talk through the issues, negotiate, and come to a mutually agreeable solution. You can mediate before taking legal action or while legal action is ongoing.

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A little more about me

  • Energetic, tenacious, innovative, and good humoured.
  • A believer in the importance of extensive preparation, and works with the parties
    collectively in a pragmatic approach to the issues.
  • Able to understand and navigate around the issues as mediator, and together with all
    involved focusses on what the parties need.
  • Familiarity with the processes of formal dispute resolution affords a ready appreciation
    of the significance of procedural and evidential issues in the dynamic of
    any mediation.
  • Where it becomes clear that settlement is not possible, respects the situation and
    explores opportunities for the parties to maintain dialogue and continue the ADR
  • Accredited with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, CEDR, ADR Group, and TecSA.
  • MATA International Advanced Mediator Course alumnus.
  • Registered with the Civil Mediation Council.


“‘Peter comes across as personable and has some gravitas in his style which helps build trust in the mediator’.”

Mediation Client

“‘Very effective on the day in leading both sides to a satisfactory result’.”

Mediation Client

“‘Very personable and was particularly adept at making all parties feel at ease’.”

Mediation Client